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Practice + Confidence = SUCCESS

When it comes to my experience as an educator, I am passionate about helping students become confident in their abilities.  Many times, students have everything they need intellectually, but they are lacking the confidence to access their full potential.  There are so many opportunities to reach students in one-on-one or small group settings and their young minds are primed for feedback as long as it is done in a thoughtful way.  If you first tell them what they are doing right and then follow up with advice about areas that need improvement, you will show them how to honestly assess their progress.  In my experience, developing that honest conversation with students plants a seed that allows students to grow into successful, independent, and (most importantly) confident learners!  






If you are interested in setting up tutoring services for yourself or your student, please feel free to contact me!  The introductory session is a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs.  I am able to host tutoring in various public locations around Chicago or within your home.  All active students are given access to an IXL subscription for extra practice free of charge (an annual subscription would normally cost a family $80 per student).  Details about hourly rate and fees associated with your unique needs will be discussed during the initial correspondence and introductory consultation. 

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Private tutor, northern virginia + Chicago, IL

2012 - Present

If I'm being honest, my work as a tutor began simply as a way to supplement my income.  At the time, I was unaware of how the work I was about to undertake with students would shape my career!  In my early days as a tutor, I learned that I brought connection, insight, support, and knowledge to the lessons in a way that helped students be more receptive to academic growth.  My goal - both then and now - is to try to see the world through the student's eyes and shape my lessons around that.  I've worked with students as young as second grade to improve math and reading skills and up to sophomores in high school that are working toward mastery of their Algebra and Geometry math courses.  The two areas I have the most extensive work are foundational K-8 math and K-6 reading skills.  Some of my most gratifying work has come from helping struggling readers work up toward grade level standards.


Classroom teacher, middle school math, prince william county, Virginia

2014 - 2018

With my first two years of tutoring under my belt, I decided I wanted to take my teaching skills to the classroom.  I completed an alternative licensure program called EducateVA that allowed me to apply my prior professional experience outside of education toward a Virginia teaching certification.  My first year of teaching was with a group of 7th grade math students and it was very eye-opening.  From a tutoring perspective, I could see why some students feel like they don't get the support they need at school - teachers are stretched very thin in the classroom.  Some students genuinely need one-on-one support and a classroom with 30 students and 60 minutes of teaching does not leave much room for that.  After my first year, I spent the next three years teaching 6th grade math.  I loved helping the 6th grade students adjust to middle school and build their confidence in my classroom.  As a classroom teacher, I worked hard to respect multiple student perspectives about the same math topic, structure lessons that focused on language/vocabulary/verbal expression development within the math context, and create a culture of "independent learners working together" in a structured classroom setting.



Rutgers university, new brunswick, NJ


educate va, nvcc, woodbridge, VA

VA TEACHING CERTIFICATION, Middle School Math, May 2014


-- Rated 5 stars out of 5 on WyzAnt.com based on 1,052 hours of documented tutoring

-- Participation in grant-funded tutoring resulted in higher student success on end of year tests in 2016, 2017, and 2018



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